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Damn. I checked Delta’s website to ensure that we were flying a 737-800 from Ft. Lauderdale to SLC and sure enough, it is as advertised a 737-800, but the EmPower outlet in my seat DOES NOT WORK!!! So, once again, I am boarding a cross country flight with less than 20 minutes of battery charge and cannot get any real work done for a five hour flight. I asked the flight attendant to check that the power was indeed enabled and it turns out that our entire row of seats had non-functional EmPower outlets. What else to do but sleep as I had planned on working the entire flight and do not have a book with me.

But before signing off, I have got to say that I truly hope that the airlines are cycling enough air through the cabin to combat disease spread. They claim they do, but given that there is a fuel cost associated with it, with jet fuel prices where they are, I’d bet that they are cutting back on cabin air cycling. I am worried because there are more than a couple of people on this plane that are coughing and hacking like they have the flu…. I think I’ll ask for the orange juice.

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