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Catching up

Just thought I’d share this little image of a ladybug that came to visit us in the lab and relay how insanely busy things have been this week. I got back into town last Sunday morning and on Monday I met with Maren Connary from Kent, Reynolds and Stuart who were interested in what we are doing. I picked up Maren, showed her round some of the sights and university campus, talked some science, and had sushi at my favorite sushi place, Kyoto where we talked some more science before taking her back to the airport.

The rest of the week was spent catching up with our students and work in the lab before spending most of the day yesterday talking about our metabolomics work with Greg Jones, our state science advisor to the governor and my good friend David Spann. We have been working pretty hard to make this metabolomics thing happen and are hoping that we finally are in a position where we can start getting some traction on commercialization.

This regularly scheduled insanity will take a brief break next week while we spend some time in Hawaii for a much needed vacation. Pictures, as usual will follow.

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