Dodge RAM broke down….. again.

Well, the Dodge RAM broke down again and stranded us in the middle of nowhere on a rainy Sunday afternoon with nobody at the garage we managed to limp to. It turns out that this time, it was the catalytic converter that plugged up, so I managed to find a hacksaw and simply cutting the converter off of the exhaust managed to make for a temporary, if noisy solution to get us back in town.

Southern Utah

Traveled down to Southern Utah to see the folks, spend some time with family and drive the 53 Studebaker to a car show in Cedar City. The building and neurology practice are doing well and the family practice clinic is just gearing up. It’s good to see that the sleep lab is also gearing up, although my recommendation was just for one bed, we’ll see how the decision to put in three beds turns out.

H’s B-Day

We took a day hike earlier today up to Red Pine Lake and then celebrated later with a cake I made for H. She had requested a caterpillar cake and I obliged…