Traumatic Cataract

Welp, I can no longer have my vision in my left eye adjusted to 20/20 due to a traumatic cataract that has been growing in my lens.  I’m one of those people who fusses over perfectly clear glasses, camera optics, microscope optics and automobile windshields, so I’ve been noticing a slow degradation in the quality of vision out of this eye for a little while.

The interesting lesson from this to me is: we can get away with lots of damage/dust/aberrations in our optical pathway before they start interfering with acuity.


This cataract is due to trauma from either time spent sparring, or various bike/motorcycle accidents, or getting my nose broken in soccer.  Dunno for sure, but at some point I’ll have to have my lens replaced with an artificial lens when this gets bad enough.

The good news is that lenses are one of the most performed ophthalmological surgeries, perhaps the most performed procedure worldwide.

My thanks to Jeff Pettey @JeffPettey for the ophthalmological care, and to Jim Gilman from the Moran Eye Center for performing this imaging of my eye and cataract.

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