FASEB Retina Meeting 2022

I am very late to posting these images from the FASEB Retina conference in Southbridge, MA this year.  The conference was at the end of June, but this has been a brutally busy summer with grant application after grant application that has been taking priority, along with some manuscripts that we are preparing.

It was wonderful catching up with friends and colleagues and hearing where the rest of the field was in terms of retinal science after a couple of years of this COVID pandemic. Unfortunately, mask wearing was not required at this meeting, in contrast to the Connectomics Meeting I attended in Berlin a couple of weeks prior, and it ended up being a super-spreader event.  I hope not too much harm was done at that meeting, and I believe those of us that wore masks managed to avoid it.  But it does feel like there is a COVID bullet out there for me at some point. I’m going to do my best to avoid it for as long as possible however.



Be sure to check out the gallery of the famous FASEB Retina Meeting Soccer Match below.  I always look forward to seeing that.


FASEB Retina Soccer.  Who says you can’t shoot action with a rangefinder camera?

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