Merry Christmas, 2021

Camera: Leica M9
Exposure: 1/1000
Aperture: f/2
Focal Length: 50mm
ISO: 800

This is the 2nd Christmas of the pandemic.  Though I am disappointed that we cannot have normal holidays again this year. As omicron spreads faster than the delta variant, this is a prudent measure to help keep everyone safe. The next few months will be perhaps more challenging given strains on hospital systems, so I ask you to be safe, and make good decisions with respect to your health, and the health of those around you.

Thank you to all of you who have helped to make this world better and safer over this past year.  I am grateful to you, and love you all.

2020 was difficult, but 2021 seems to have just amplified that difficulty to levels that challenge even the most resilient among us. And it feels like my world is getting very small after 2 years of no travel, no seeing friends or family, and even my photography seems to be suffering.  The good news is that the average length of a pandemic throughout history is around two years, and we are there. In addition, we have vaccines that work, and I expect things will slowly start to return to normal from a pandemic sense in spite of the sociopolitical upheaval and general selfishness, and bad behavior that seems to be sweeping the globe. I’ve been reading a bit on the history of previous pandemics, and this sort of thing was common in previous pandemics. We just tend to forget our history it seems. My guess is that with the ability to rapidly travel and the Internet, these sorts of sentiments spread more rapidly, and widely now than they did in previous historical epochs. So no surprise there I suppose.

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  1. Hi there,

    Long time reader, maybe first time commenting. I wanted to ask if you could share what you have been reading about past pandemics. I was actually looking for somethings like that just the other day, but could not find much.


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