RC3 Midpoint

We are now approximately at the midpoint in capturing our latest retinal connectome, RC3.  The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly hit us in terms of productivity.  But we are not alone in that as labs across the world are struggling with this.  That said, we’ve been on a publishing tear this year with 3 abstracts, 5 manuscripts, 3 preprints, a manuscript just submitted, and another close to submission, and a chapter I’ll announce soon.  And I’m working furiously on another manuscript that I hope to finish before the end of the year.

This year has been brutal in terms of demands.  COVID has made everything, so much harder.  More paperwork.  More logistics.  More meetings.  More emails… It all feels overwhelming.  And while it looks like we’ll be doing this until perhaps the end of summer 2021, my hope is that we’ll get some degree of existential relief in the November elections, just 21 days away now if we can vote the Trump administration out of office and start managing things correctly.

All I want to do though, is just disappear into the data of this particular connectome, and not have to worry about my government or the wider world falling apart because of mismanagement.

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