Portrait: John Sturr In B And D Burgers, Leica M9 vs. iPhone 11 Pro

Camera: Leica M9
Exposure: 1/750
Aperture: f/2.8
Focal Length: 50mm
ISO: 160

I had a chance to meet up with a friend, John Sturr for lunch down at B and D Burgers.  This was also a fun chance to run a couple of portraits head up with the Leica M9 (above) and the new iPhone 11 Pro (below) using the portrait mode.  Again, if there are enough pixels, smartphone technology is advancing at a truly impressive rate.  The iPhone still does not have a true depth sensing camera on the back, and kinda hacks depth calculations by looking at the parallax between the camera lenses, then for portrait mode, calculates a mask that it applies to regions beyond the face.  The best approach would be to directly measure distances, then a true aperture could be calculated and applied globally to the image.  But, that said… the iPhone is shockingly good in its bokeh calculation, as well as a computational adjustment of the lighting that arguably make the iPhone image “better exposed”.  It is results like this that make me think at some point, traditional cameras will be an affectation of sorts, but I’m still holding on to the notion that there is not a substitute for good optics.


Camera: Apple iPhone 11 Pro
Exposure: 1/120
Aperture: f/2
Focal Length: 52mm equivalent
ISO: 40

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  1. Based upon our conversation – I just picked up the iPhone 11 … but not the Pro — as the Pro was just too much to buy into. But — this 11 is quite the upgrade from the 7 — good stuff.

    But – I still shoot and develop film, also.

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