Cannondale Super V

Camera: Apple iPhone X
Exposure: 1/15
Aperture: f/1.8
Focal Length: 28mm equivalent
ISO: 50

My Cannondale Super V bicycle is now 20 years old… I keep wanting to replace it, but as parts wear out, I just replace them.  I thought I’d get a new bike this year, but home maintenance costs conspired to keep me in my current ride.  However!  I had it thoroughly serviced again yesterday, with shock maintenance, new tires, new brake pads, and a new chain, and it feels like a new ride.  I’d keep riding it forever, but parts are getting hard to find, including even tires for the older 26in rims.  It does not have the suspension travel of the newer bikes, and it is a bit heavier than the newer models, but I do love this bike.  What a great design.

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