Portrait: Maureen McCall (In My Office)

Camera: Leica Monochrom
Exposure: 1/250
Aperture: f/1.4
Focal Length: 35mm
ISO: 3,200

We had the distinct pleasure of hosting my friend Maureen McCall here at the Moran Eye Center a couple of weeks ago for some seminars she delivered about her science.  Maureen talked about her work with translational approaches to interventions in blinding disease as well as her basic science work in glycinergic receptor subunits and retinal ganglion cell function.

Maureen and I go back a few years to some of the first vision conferences I ever attended, and I have been grateful for the insight, input and mentorship.  Since then, we have collaborated as colleagues and have become friends.  I sincerely have to say that Maureen is precisely the sort of scientist and human being that we need more of.  Thank you Maureen.

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