Portrait: Chris DiBona (In My Office)

Camera: Leica Monochrom
Exposure: 1/180
Aperture: f/1.4
Focal Length: 35mm
ISO: 2,500

I was pleased as can be to have my friend Chris DiBona (@cdibona) drop by the lab for a visit the other day.  I first became aware of Chris when he was one of the editors at Slashdot, a community I spent lots of time on back in the day.  But like most good science fiction, it turns out that Chris and I go back further than we realized as we occupied space/time quite close in proximity back in the mid to late 80s.  Perhaps we influenced one another back then without coming into direct contact, but through intermediaries?  I don’t know, but we have some evidence that this was the case.  Regardless, it was fun to discover this when we formally met a couple of years ago at my first SciFoo.

Chris is one of those remarkable individuals who’s career arc is only possible through technology and his remarkable skill at building community.  He is the director of open source initiatives at Google, a job which I am discovering is far more complex and detailed every time we talk.  There is community, there are physical labs and products and there are initiatives.  Chris is one of those remarkable people that makes the world go around, and I can’t wait to discover how much further down the rabbit hole things go at our next visit.

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