fovi8 volume #1 issue #3

fovi8 volume 1, issue 3 is now released and is physical with cover art by Jeff Carlson @jeffcarlson.  Like all of our printed editions, this is something that you can hold in your hand, and it is gorgeous.

I am stunned at the level of work that is in this edition, so be sure to check it out.  Like all of our zines, there will be only 100 issues printed, ever and is the product of 25 extraordinary photographers who submitted their work to fovi8 in October.  There is work by Jeff as previously mentioned, as well as Pat Sutphin (@magicvalleytn), Chuq Von Rospach (@chuq), Erin Hooley (@erinhooley), Denise M. Riggs, Andrew Faulkner, D. Scott McLeod (@scottmc_dcphoto), Drew Nash (@DrewNash1), Rebecca Pfeiffer (@BeccaPfeiffer19), Jason Hill (@jasohill), T. Morris, Erik Szylard Daenitz, Grayson West (@GraysonWest), Trent Nelson (@trenthead), Hope Morrison (@NotFaithorJoy), myself, Robert Hendricks (@2rhendricks), Matthew D. LaPlante (@mdlaplante) and Darnell West.  If you want your copy, go to the site and get it before they are gone. and volume 1, issue 3 is something that our team, Trent Nelson, David Kent, Grayson West and I are pleased to be able to offer the photographic community.  Every month you can submit your work to, get feedback, function as a judge for contests, see new artists emerge and participate in the community.  There is quite a bit going on behind the scenes there, so don’t be afraid to dig in and explore.

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