Celebrating @tedr

People met this week in San Francisco to celebrate our friend Ted Reingold (@tedr).  Ted’s wife Molly (@mollybloom) spoke first, followed by several people particularly close with Ted who spoke of his life including our mutual friend Chris (@sacca) who spoke beautiful words.  Then the Extra Action Marching Band, a group Ted and Molly have known for 20 years, burst in the room and brought song, rhythm and dance to those who came to remember Ted.


What kind of person was Ted?  Ted was the kind of person that people traveled from all over the world to remember at his memorial.


What kind of person was Ted?  When his cancer re-emerged, he *still* managed to volunteer at prisons with Defy Ventures (@DefyVentures) to help train people for a future.


What kind of person was Ted? Ted was brave enough to be kind.


What kind of person was Ted? This was the last email response I got from him during a conversation about building community.

My cancer (ccRCC, metastic) has gotten the upper hand and I’ll be
putting all my resources into managing it.

In my stread, please keep these  very important messages in place:

* be good to each other

* enjoy evert day

* wanting is suffering

* The journey is still the destination, now more than every

* the trend of purpose is coming like a tidal wave, get out a heard of
it. enjoy the ride. die fulfilled.

* Reframe your thinking of “what your career can do for you,” into
“what can your career do for others,” and wonderful, meaningful work
awaits you.









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