Last Roses of 2017

Camera: Apple iPhone 7 Plus
Exposure: 1/651
Aperture: f/1.8
Focal Length: 28mm equivalent
ISO: 20

These are I think, the last roses of the 2017 season in Salt Lake City.  Yesterday, it turned colder and overcast, and the smell of autumn was in the air.  Last night and early this morning, it rained hard bringing much needed water.  The bees are frequenting our flowers less frequently, the last ones pollinating the sage out front.  I saw the last hummingbird in our yard a week ago now.

I enjoy the change of seasons, but it always means a loss of sorts.  2017 has been chaotic and filled with loss and confusion.  Additionally, since Ted Rheingold (@tedr) died last week, I’ve been thinking of loss and at the same time, the blessings that his family (@mollybloom and his daughter) and the people around him received from his life.  We are only here for such a short time, and It is up to you to decide what to do with that gift of time.  I’d like to do as Ted admonished us, #EnjoyEveryDay.  Take it all in. The relationships, the smells, the sounds, the touch, the feelings, the sights, and everything that is available to you. And above all, “Be good to each other.”

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