First Light, Leica SL

Camera: Leica SL
Exposure: 1/16000
Aperture: f/5.6
Focal Length: 50mm
ISO: 1,600

This is an unremarkable image with the exception of the timeless figure walking through the middle of the frame.  You don’t see many people wearing hats these days, and the stride, cut of the sports coat and trousers, close cropped hair and glasses, and this could have been taken at any point in the last 100 years.  The only reason I captured this image is that it is first light (well, frame 2 of a 3 shot burst) of a new camera I am testing out for the next couple of weeks, a Leica SL.  The composition leaves a bit to be desired with the seam of a window going right down the image, spoiling it some.  I considered photoshopping it out, but left it on principle.

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