Black Hole Sun

Camera: Fuji X-Pro2
Exposure: 1/240
Aperture: f/14
Focal Length: ~400mm (~600mm equivalent) Fuji 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR with Fuji 2.0x extender (~1200mm equivalent).
ISO: 400

We drove North to just South of Idaho Falls this morning to experience totality.  I’ve experienced annular eclipses before, but never a total eclipse.  This was truly awe-inspiring.  I get it.  Wow.

Full resolution image here (copyright applies).

12 Replies to “Black Hole Sun”

  1. Is this processed at all or SOOC? I haven’t seen such fine structure in the corona in many other images — certainly not in any of mine! In any case it’s a testament both to the Fuji and your skill with it.

    1. It is almost straight out of camera. I brought the highlights down just a bit in post to show the filaments better. But this is really close to what you see in the camera. Fuji has really nice dynamic range.

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