Science March, Washington D.C.

The Science March on Washington D.C. has come and gone, and I am just now getting around to posting images.  It has been that busy with meetings and multiple grant applications to keep things going in the very political and funding climate that we were there to protest.

I tried to balance the protest march with some outreach to the public and to our elected officials.  Prior to the Science March, a group of us met with Sen. Mike Lee’s office to try and inform them of what the Science March was all about, educate on why science was important for society and our economy, and advocate for science budgets.  I also gave interviews with Time Magazine, TheScope Radio, and Der Spiegel (can’t find the link), and encourage you to continue the outreach to fellow citizens and elected officials. I will certainly be doing so.

After the Science March, it was back home to work on the grant, then back to Baltimore for ARVO, 2017 (pics coming).  So, what follows is some snapshots of the very rainy day for which a tremendous turnout happened.  I was blessed to be able to visit and stay with my friends @strobist, and attend the March with @BenHobby and @susanthobby, who are featured in some of the images below. The final image is of my friend and neuroscientist, @BoozyBrain who was there coordinating the oh, so cool Project Thinking Cap.

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  1. Very cool! Thanks much for the photos, and for the visit. I will pass the former along to Ben after he finishes his very first timed practice ACT test (ahem, the one that includes the SCIENCE) at his desk today. (And to Susan as well, who almost never goes on Twitter and would not otherwise see them…)


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