SFO Visit, Feb. 2017

I had another patented BWJones Crazy Fast Trip©, this time to San Jose, Cupertino and San Francisco.  Flying in, I had not seen the Bay Area so green in many years.


There was most definitely some flooding that we could see from the air, and it looked to be relatively contained, but you could see where it was flowing over roads and perhaps into neighborhoods.


The plan was to fly in, make a meeting in San Francisco, visit the Golden Gate Bridge, and then meet up with my friend Aaron.  I also ran by the Leica Store, San Francisco to have them look at a lens and see the Henri Cartier-Bresson exhibit with a print of Behind the Gare St. Lazare, Paris made in 1932. Bonus: they had an old Leica microscope, the ancestor to the Leica microscopes we have in the lab.


Aaron and I dropped by Nojo ramen for a mighty fine bowl of noodles.


Then the coolest thing happened.  We were sipping on some chocolate when Aaron looked up and saw a friend from India that he’d not seen in 20 years… In India!  I love stuff like that when unlikely time/space events happen in people’s lives and they run into one another in unexpected places around the world.




A stop by Bill’s (@bbum) for Crabtacular was required.


Then a wonderful party with friends Dallas (@dbdeatly) and Katherine (@fightingfish) and a bunch of infosec / crypto geek peeps thanks to @arw.


And on the way out, a shot of Apple’s new campus from the plane.

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