Portrait: Helena Ledmyr


Camera: Leica Monochrom 246
Exposure: 1/250
Aperture: f/1.4
Focal Length: 50mm
ISO: 1,600

I met my friend @Helena_LB in San Diego, California during SfN2016.  Helena works with INCF, developing  informatics infrastructure, specifically for the neuroscience community and is one of the nodal connectors of people around the globe.



We met our wonderful friends @tgilhou and @doc_becca for fika at a cat cafe, sipping coffee and eating mind blowing maple bacon doughnuts while we caught up and chatted.  Friends, it is always good to see you all.  Looking forward to the next opportunity to catch up.

After @doc_becca and @tgilhou had to run to meetings, Helena and I sat for another hour or so and she generously let me document our wide ranging conversation from science policy and funding to connectomics infrastructures and scheming future neuroscience strategies, not to mention our respective histories of how we got from there to here.  These are some of the moments in science that I cherish.  Moments like having the time to talk neuroscience with my friend Davi on a hike a couple years ago, or sitting with my dear friend and mentor Robert in a Berlin cafe, just talking science, apples and dinosaurs.  With the collapse of science funding globally, these sorts of interactions seem to be getting more rare.  But this is when we get to know our colleagues.  This is when the ideas are shared… when collaborations are formed and when science leads us in new directions that inform our understanding of the world and help us communicate the work we do to a wider, global audience.



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