Make Good Decisions… Vote.


As I write this, polls are now opening on the East coast of the United States for the Presidential Election of 2016.  This has been the strangest election of my life certainly, and also for me at least, the most clear.  That said, I truly worry about the widening gulf between political ideologies and am concerned that this is how societies fall apart.  The brilliant Randall Munroe of XKCD fame did an infographic around the last election that shows how divided politicians in Congress are are. This chart shows graphically what is wrong with politics.  The practice of politics, like most other negotiations in life is about compromising and moving forward rather than steadfastly attempting to get your own way. Unfortunately, Congress is stuck here and they are dragging the rest of the country down with them.

I hope you have the chance to exercise your Constitutional rights and make your voice heard. Vote. Play a long game and make good decisions.  But I also want you to do more than that.  I want you to contact your legislators and encourage them to learn how to compromise in the voting process. Write letters to your newspapers, make blog posts and be active on social media, all in an effort to get Congress to learn how to compromise again.



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  1. Good to read that it was a strange election for you as well. I’ve only been present as a resident for the elections of 2008 and 2012. I already thought they were strange, but this one’s blowing off the lid. If all goes well, it should be another 6 to 9 months until I become a citizen and eligible to vote and I’m hopeful this year’s election isn’t an indication of how they’re going to be in the future.

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