Oxalis stricta

Oxalis stricta

Camera: Canon 1D X
Exposure: 1/40
Aperture: f/16
Focal Length: 65mm
ISO: 2000

There is a battle going on in our front yard between grass and Oxalis stricta or woodsorrel/clover.  These beautiful, but tiny flowers are everywhere in the lawn and I’d love to get rid of them.  That said, there is some interesting biology/cuisine here.  If you look at the tiny seed capsules and brush them, they explode and launch the seeds contained within quite some distance.

From a culinary sense, the leaves and flowers really are kinda tasty but I’d really rather not have to deal with them in the lawn.  That said, I might go all René Redzipi on them as while I’ve not tried making a beverage out of them, if you pick the leaves, you can apparently steep them, making a lemon flavored drink.

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