Interview With Chris Sacca At JibJab

Chris Sacca listening to Jefferson Graham

What a crazy week.  It started down in Los Angeles where I was able to extend my stay and shoot an interview that my friend Chris Sacca was giving with Jefferson Graham for USA Today’s Talking Tech Live.  All proceeds of the event went to Charity Water.


Jefferson Graham listening to Chris Sacca

Getting to step out of the lab and put on my photographers hat from time to time provides an amazing insight into different cultures and ways of doing things. Interestingly, while tech and venture capital is not my gig (for now), I have watched the industry for a while and there has been lots of discussion in the media about the demographics being a white man’s game.  However, if you were at the event held at JibJab Studios, you would never have guessed it.  Chris pulled a remarkably diverse audience for the event which is encouraging and gives me hope for the future of tech given the number of companies that Chris is involved with.  Change takes time, but having folks like Chris as a leading influencer of tech and tech culture can only be a good thing for the industry.

By the way, Silvia Li posted a nice summary of the event over on Medium with some of my imagery.

I did not get names for most of the people photographed at the event, so if you see your image in the gallery below, leave a note on who you are and I’ll update the tags with them.


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