Portrait: Rebecca Pfeiffer (In My Office)

Becca Pfeiffer_DxOFP_

Camera: Leica M9
Exposure: 1/30
Aperture: f/1
Focal Length: 50mm
ISO: 200

This portrait of Rebecca Pfeiffer (@BeccaPfeiffer19) was one of the first portraits with the Leica in my hands and is starting off the In My Office series*, a small personal project to make portraits of people that visit my office.

Everyone needs personal projects, particularly in photography. Projects that provide a sense of structure and direction to one’s work and given that there is less and less time for photography these days as I spend more and more time writing grants, etc… I figured the project could be something close to home.  ergo, In My Office because people are always stopping by my office for things or collaborations, etc… etc… etc…  So, the rule is: You stop by my office for something and there is a good chance you’ll have to sit for a portrait.

So, my thanks to Rebecca for being the first subject for the series.  Rebecca is a graduate student in the lab chasing some fundamental questions with respect to retinal degeneration, specifically what happens to the metabolic state of Müller cells. Another project we are working on is chasing the earliest changes in circuitry of the retina in cases of retinal degeneration that I hope will be a really nice preliminary dataset for a grant renewal coming up this autumn.




*Technically, I jumped the gun a little bit with a portrait of Sawyer Pangborn that was taken well after I started capturing portraits of people last autumn.

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