Right On Target


Been working on an NSF grant, pretty much non-stop for days now.  Waiting for some information from colleagues for it, and have to start getting things uploaded tomorrow morning for a deadline of Friday.  It feels like I’m on target and can see things come into focus, but then slip back out of focus and become sheer moments of terror where you think you are totally hosed.  Like the NSF website going down right when you need some information… Or realizing you have to write up an entire section on project management you forgot about.

It’ll get done… but I need a break.

The animated gif above is a U.S. Air Force test chart designed to test the resolving power of optical imaging systems. Everything from microscopes to cameras sent on imaging satellites have been used to test against this chart.  In fact, somewhere out there exists a photograph of me lying in the middle of a huge tri-bar resolution chart painted on the ground out by Edwards Air Force Base for imaging satellites and optical reconnaissance planes.

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