Visit With Davi Bock

Davi Bock

A little while ago, we had a visit from Davi Bock who came to talk connectomics with us, see what we are doing in retinal connectomics, and give a presentation at the University of Utah on the technologies he’s been developing at Janelia Farm.


Millcreek Canyon overlook

Given this is Utah, the right thing to do was take an extra day before his talk to go for a hike in the mountains and talk science.  Too little of this happens these days in contrast to the past when funding paylines were higher and scientists had more time to talk and discuss science.  Nowadays,  crazy schedules, balancing multiple grants with decreasing funding and increasing bureaucracy really gets in the way of this.  I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this opportunity as one tends to forget that science is done by people and that ideas and concepts flow through the literature and society via people and personalities.  This is why having opportunities to get to know your colleagues is so critical.


Davi and Jamie

Davi presenting

Thanks Davi.  Look forward to the next opportunity to talk.




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