Tübingen, Germany

Tubingen boats

Right after visiting Berlin, I took the train down to Tübingen, Germany right on the Neckar River to give another talk before heading home via Stuttgart.  Wish I had the time this trip to give the Porsche factory another visit, but alas, had to get back home to work on a couple of grants.


Train To Tubingen_


Working on talk

The trip down from Berlin was pleasant enough.  A bit cheaper than flying and slower, but it was also a bit of quiet time to work on the presentation before I arrived.  It always seems that short trips on planes are never as good for focus as the long plane trips are, so I figured the train would be the best option.



University of Tubingen

Daniel Rathbun at Tubingen

Timm Schubert


Daniel Rathbun

Discussing science over beer





Thanks to Daniel Rathbun, all those in Daniel’s lab, especially Archana Jalligampala, Thomas Münch, and Timm Schubert in Thomas Euler’s lab for hosting me and for the great science conversation.  Looking forward to more discussion and seeing where the science takes us.

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