iPhone In A Lighting Store

Light Bottom

We were in a lighting store the other day after finally deciding to replace a strip of lighting in our house the previous owners had installed some time in the 80’s.  It had to go.  It was one of those maintenance chores that you intend to get to, but other things were higher on the priority list, leaving this item to do until now.

I’ve been on a photographic texture thing for the last little while, so while I initially looked at going into a lighting store with some reluctance, I was stunned to see how much texture there is in lighting these days.  So many little companies are now making glass and “old school” incandescent light bulbs that there is quite a bit of novelty now and everywhere you looked, if you looked closely, there were patterns and forms that made the trip kinda fun.

The iPhone made an ideal imaging companion on this trip as the images that come out of it are shockingly good these days, provided you have enough photons.  Fortunately, this being a lighting store, all of these images were shot with the iPhone peering right into light sources.




Light Mesh


Water Glass


Close sparkly





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