ISER 2014, San Francisco


The ISER 2014 meeting in San Francisco was held back in July and I am just now getting to the post after sitting down to go through a backlog of image editing.  Its been a busy year.  Sorry folks.  Next ISER (2016 in Japan!), I promise to be faster with the imagery…  What follows is a quick summary of some of the action.  It is certainly not a comprehensive documentation of the meeting, but a small slice of some of what I saw.


Robert Marc at ISER Paul Keyser Award_

Robert Marc received the Paul Kayser International Award in Retina Research and gave a stunning talk with the only standing ovation I’ve ever seen for an ISER talk.  I’m really disappointed that there was no recording of it.


Robert-Marc-STOP THAT

Steve Fliesler made this cartoon of the image of Robert above, with a caption that pretty much describes the moment… encapsulating some of the concepts that we’ve been pushing for the last few years.  I love this, so much.


After Roberts talk

Robert Marc, Peter Gouras, Ron Gregg, Maureen McCall and Lena Ivert.


Fliesler ISER

Steve Fliesler, President of ISER.


Christine Curcio

Christine Curcio accepted the Ludwig von Sallmann Prize with her talk.


Jerry Lutty

Jerry Lutty introduced Pat D’Amore for her award.


Pat DAmore

Pat D’Amore received the Endre A. Balazs Prize.


Tom Yorio

Tom Yorio received the Ernst H. Bárány Prize.


Peter Gouras

Peter Gouras (his Webvision chapter on color vision is here) introduced some of the speakers.


Mary Joe Robert Gene

Mary Rayborn, Joe Hollyfield, Robert Marc, Gene Anderson.


Ken Sloan

My friend, Ken Sloan with whom one of these days, I need to get together for a photo-walk.


Barb Rohrer

Bärbel Rohrer presenting her wonderful work on AMD and complement.


John Ash ISER

John Ash talking about retinal degeneration.


Ning Tian

Ning Tian talking about retinal ganglion cells.


Sam Wu

Sam Wu talking about retinal neurophysiology.


Daniel Ryskamp

Daniel Ryskamp talking about the work he did in David Krizaj’s lab.


Sam and Robert

Sam Wu and Robert Marc.


Bernstein Brothers

Paul Bernstein and his brother.


Bjorn Ann Steve

Bjorn Nicolaissen, Ann Torrence and Steve Fliesler.


Boris Stanzel

Boris Stanzel enjoying a beer.  Wish there were time on my last trip to Germany to stop by Bonn and visit.



Dinner Bjorn Steve Ann Robert BorisBjorn, Steve, Ann, Robert and Boris.


Jerry at dinnerJerry Lutty at dinner.



Peter Gouras Robert Marc

Peter Gouras and Robert Marc.


Robert Marc Ann Torrence

Two of my most favorite people in the world, Robert Marc and Ann Torrence.






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