Louisville, Kentucky 2014

Louisville Penguin

I am horribly backlogged on processing images as this year seems to have been busier than any other before… So, catching up on posts and the backlog of photographs…

Back in June, I ran out to the University of Louisville, Kentucky Department of Ophthalmology to give a talk and visit with collaborators.  Thanks to Maureen McCall, Hank Kaplan and Patrick Scott for hosting me.  Look forward to further discussions.  Also, Hank, Wei, Maureen and Chi, I still owe you emails and data.  Will be coming soon.

Patrick, thanks for the discussion, dinner, drinks and sharing Sergio’s World of Beers.  That was amazing.  I’ve never before seen a place with that many beers from all over the planet.


Patrick Scott in Sergio's World Beers

Kentucky Bourbon

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