Sunset At Janelia Farm

Janelia Farm

Camera: Fuji X-T1
Exposure: +1 to -1 exposure brackets around 1/8 Color; 15sec. IR
Aperture: f/22 color; f/11 IR
Focal Length: 14mm (21mm full frame equivalent)
ISO: 200 color and IR
Filters: B+W 093 Infrared Filter, >830nm bandpass; B+W 092 Infrared Filter, >695nm bandpass.

This image of Janelia Farm is a multi-spectral image of sorts made by combining a few exposures of standard 14-bit RAW images plus a few additional 14-bit infrared wavelength images at 695nm and 830nm.


Multi-spectral inset

The challenge here was the sky was largely washed out with very few clouds and some great, but harsh light coming in from behind and to the right. This allowed me to pull some detail out in the sky as well as muted and flattened the colors slightly, yet enhanced contrast in a much more pleasing way than a high dynamic range image would have while also preserving fine detail seen above with a 250% crop. ¬†This gives flexibility for display anywhere from websites to large prints and is an approach I’ll be considering for future architectural imagery.

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