The Moon, And The Stars To Come

MoonFuji XT1_700

I have been starting to experiment with astrophotography a little bit more over the past couple of years, but most of it has been limited to pretty straight forward direct captures with perhaps a little bit of tweaking to get imagery.  There have been stacked ND filters to get images of the sun and an annular eclipse, but getting other imagery like star fields or deep space imagery requires a few other technical approaches.  It is true that you can get some pretty stunning imagery of the moon, even with a simple point and shoot camera and a digiscope setup, but I have been encouraged by the quality of images coming out of the Fuji X-mount cameras for astro-imaging and am now ready to try some additional experiments that I’ll start to post over the next couple of weeks.

Full resolution image of last night’s moon can be downloaded here.

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