Blue Moon

Blue Moon_

A blue moon… Not really blue of course unless you’re white balance is off, but tonights full moon was a must see.  I had almost forgotten about it given how crazy the last couple of weeks have been, but Duncan casually mentioned it tonight which caused me to immediately grab the camera and run outside.

The full moon tonight is not the traditional second full moon in a month, but rather this was an older concept, the third full moon in a four moon season.  As Duncan mentioned in his post, its also called the Sturgeon Moon, named by American Indian tribes around the Great Lakes.


Tycho crater

Tycho crater is one of the most prominent craters on this side of the moon and also one of the youngest craters at 108 million years.  Watching a crater that size as it was created must be quite the sight.



I had a few minutes of observation before the clouds moved in, but it really was a beautiful night.  If you want more of the experience, download this movie file, complete with crickets.



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