Portrait: Chems Touati

Chems Touati_sm

I’ve known Chems Touati for a few years now after having spent quite a bit of time down in the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute (SCI) where Chems works doing visualization and media development.  I’ve worked with Chems on imagery for display as well as  visualizations that I’ve used in my presentations and they stand the test of time.

SCI is actually a wonderful place to photograph as they have floor to ceiling windows offering *huge* diffused light sources that make for lovely, even illumination.  You almost have to get people at an angle sometimes to get definition on their faces if the light is just right.  Its a pleasure to shoot images down there and I always end up with something I am happy with, formal or informal including images of Nathan, Guido and Miriah.  One of these days, when I’m down there we’ll get an image of my friend Greg that we are both happy with…

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