Happy New Year, 2013

Colorful Retina

Happy New Year, 2013 to all.  I’d like in this first post of 2013 to wish all a joyous year and hope that it is a more peaceful, healthy and prosperous year for you, family, friends and strangers.  2012 was a tumultuous year for many I know as they have dealt with illness, job loss, challenging business situations, adapting to life post-deployement, divorce, the passing of family, friends, beloved pets and more.  Yet, 2012 has also been a year of triumph, success and quiet gratitude.  We’ve all had our challenges, but are still in the game and I at least am loving life and all of its mysteries.

As one of my dearest and closest friends said tonight, “Let’s do it again”.  That meant the world to me.

I look forward to the continued company of our friends and family as we look toward the horizon for things to come.  Plans are in place for new experiences with family and friends for adventure and exploration in the wider world and in the microscope.  My thanks and love to all that have traveled through life with us and hope that I can continue to share some of what I see here with those family, friends and visitors that care to stop by.

Each day we have and the people we share life with is something I am thankful for.  Even better, there is so much left to see and do.


As to the image…  The image above is a retinal image mapped for GABA, glycine and glutamate with tyrosine hydroxylase in yellow.  its an image from a project I’ve been meaning to get into publication.  Perhaps later this year…




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