Male Common Yellowthroat

This male common yellowthroat (Geothlypis trichas) was seen at Ft. Jefferson in Dry Tortugas National Park on this trip.  While I have never seen one of these birds before, or perhaps just not taken notice of them, my friend Michael Redmond (his laboratory here) helped identify this bird as he notes: “It is one of the most widespread warblers in N. America. It is less common in the desert SW as it like wetter brushy areas, though I’ve seen it in a riparian area in central AZ. Riparian areas would be perfect for them there.”

Camera: Canon 1D MkIV
Exposure: 1/500
Aperture: f/5.6
Focal Length: 300mm
ISO: 800



3 Replies to “Male Common Yellowthroat”

  1. I just saw some of these birds on Sunday while walking along the river trail in Spanish Fork… I didn’t know what they were called… until now.

    Beautiful birds.

    1. Yeah, they are beautiful birds. This one was a bit skittish and I needed some patience to be able to photograph him. Not the best photo, but I’m glad it was made.

      I needed a little bit of help from my friend Michael to identify it. Michael is a birders, birder. An amazing resource when it comes to identifying bird species.

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