Quick Trip: SLC To JFK… And Back

Robert and I ran out to White Plains, New York for a quick science related trip.  Flight out Tuesday, up early for surgery and back home on Wednesday night.  I made one post about this trip already from the plane, somewhere over Iowa using the in flight wireless on Delta which is always cool.


I was hoping that we’d fly in with an opportunity to photograph NYC from the air and while I did not quite get a shot of downtown, I could see the George Washington Bridge, Central Park and Roosevelt Island before flying out over JFK then the ocean and finally turning back over Atlantic Beach to land at JFK.

That night Robert and I chose to stay at the hotel and get some work done before heading over to a place called the The Brazen Fox in White Plains, NY.  It was, a brazen rip off.  Not good food that was way too spendy for the quality and they had even worse service.  Really bad service actually.  Granted, this was on a Tuesday night when the “A” crew was likely not on, but still…  One should not have to stand up to go looking for one’s server to get a check.  The food was mediocre and given that a much of a restaurants business comes from alcohol sales, it was surprising that we were never asked if we wanted another beer.  We did not, but it made one wonder.


We visited our friend Glen Prusky at the Burke Rehabilitation Hospital where a graduate student of his, Nazia Alam coordinated a very cool project that she has been working on lately.  She impressively set up our visit along with those of other investigators from Boston University and Cornell.  I can’t wait to see where this goes.


After work, it was back to the airport that afternoon via a wonderful car service, On Time Transport Inc. who were, as advertised, on time and very professional with excellent drivers.  I’ll be calling them for the next trip back to NYC in the not too distant future.  We were back on the plane for the flight home which unfortunately took us a bit far North of Manhattan for any night time photographs of downtown, but we were back home by 11:30pm just in time grab some sleep, get breakfast with the wife and run to work for a todo at the Moran Eye Center the next day.

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