Studio Lighting Photowalk, 2012

Last month’s Photowalking Utah, Studio Lighting Photowalk was another spectacular success.  We had over 180 local photographers show up for an entire morning of instruction and experience on how to light and photograph models in a studio setting with a variety of studio setups.  People of all skill levels come to these events and are able to use their own camera equipment with studio lights that we provide free of charge for them to try out and experiment with.  We also bring in our own camera gear so that people can get a chance to try out additional lenses and flashes with their own camera gear with instruction on how to use it.  It really is a good time, so if you are in the area for next years event, stop on by.  Or show up at one of the always free, monthly photowalk events sponsored by Photowalking Utah.

Note: You can get the full resolution image of the group shot above by clicking here.


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