Generation Of An Inbred Miniature Pig Model of Retinitis Pigmentosa


We were co-authors on a recent paper by Jason W. Ross, Juan P. Fernandez de Castro, Jianguo Zhao, Melissa Samuel, Eric Walters, Cecilia Rios, Patricia Bray-Ward, myself, Robert E. Marc, Wei Wang, Liang Zhou, Jennifer M. Noel, Maureen A. McCall, Paul J. DeMarco, Randall S. Prather and Henry J. Kaplan.  This paper describes the creation of a new model of retinal degenerative disease, specifically autosomal dominant retinitis pigmentosa in a miniature pig model, serving as an additional tool to study these diseases and therapeutic interventions.

Robert and I did the histology of this study, employing traditional techniques as well as some CMP approaches that we are saving for the next paper…  The image above is a 5 channel dataset of porcine retina labeled with antibodies to GABA, CRALBP and glutamate assigned to the red, green and blue color channels respectively.  The yellow and red dots at the top are alpha channels for rhodopsin and cone opsin respectively.


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