Photowalk At The Leonardo

Last Saturday Photowalking Utah had our January photowalk at The Leonardo, a contemporary science/technology/art museum in downtown Salt Lake City.  Given the climate of Northern Utah in winter, we like to find indoor venues for the colder months and this was no exception.  We had close to 100 people show up for this event, perhaps boosted 20-30% by the article in the Salt Lake Tribune a couple weeks prior.  And thanks to the work of Ann Torrence in setting this up with the staff of the Leonardo (Thanks Karmay Gorley and Michael Aguilar) prior, we had permission to bring in tripods which enabled some mighty fine photography from the attendees.  Check out their shots on the Flickr group here.


An abstract image of an art installation by Amy Caron called Holotype being installed.  Unfortunately, I have prior commitments and will be unable to see the opening night.  Sorry Amy, I’ll make it up to you.  Lunch at Mazza again?


An exhibit showing a close up camera attached to a microscope allowing chip inspection for integrated circuits.


Unfortunately, I failed to get the name of this exhibit, but I stood there talking with a new photographer to the area, Meredith Kulwicki, and could not stop looking over her shoulder at it.


This was my favorite exhibit this go around as it spoke to the neuroscientist in me.  This exhibit was a combination of ink and wire with LEDs that would blink on and off in seemingly random patterns.  It looked very much like a Golgi preparation and made me want one for my office or home wall…


See you all at the next photowalk.  Details to be announced soon.


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