Jonesblog stats for 2011

The past year has been a busy one…  I’ve never before talked about site statistics as Jonesblog is a low traffic site with only about 250,000 unique visitors/year with posts that generate occasional spikes of insane levels of traffic, but the visitors are steady from almost all parts of the globe brought primarily through Google.  Notable exceptions being Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Somalia, and some sub-Saharan African countries not known for the Internet connectivity.


The major cities with people visiting Jonesblog came from Salt Lake city, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Chicago, Seattle, Houston, Sydney and Portland.  Platforms represent the following: Windows 71%, Macintosh 19%, iPhone 3%, iPad 2%, then Linux, Android, iPod, BlackBerry and PlayStation.  I’ve been keeping track of statistics since the beginning of Jonesblog back in 1996 and ts been really interesting watching the market share of the Macintosh go from less than 5% 10 years ago to almost 20%.  Firefox 33%, Internet Explorer 23%, Chrome 23%, Safari 15% is the browser market breakdown and I have to say that Internet Explorer at 23% really surprises me.  I would have thought that percentage would have been much lower.

In terms of mobile space, cell phones, tablets and the like devices have exploded in the last couple of years, going from essentially nothing to a substantial percentage of visitors to Jonesblog.  The breakdown sans percentages (Apple products are essentially 90% with everything else splitting up the remaining 10%) are Apple iPhone, Apple iPad and iPod Touch, Motorola DroidX, HTC EVO 4G, HTC Incredible, Sony Ericsson LT15i Arc, Verison Droid and a T-Mobile myTouch4G.  We’ll see what the next year will bring.  I expect that continued growth in the mobile space will supplant more traditional desktop/laptop platforms.

As a side note:  Jonesblog is my personal site that also serves as a repository for my photography as well as keeping in touch with family and friends.  I’ve tried keeping up with most of what goes on in my life here on Jonesblog, though there are some things I have to keep quiet about from time to time including current science prior to publication and news from both science and some of my photography that cannot be released to the public.  However, in the coming year, there are some announcements coming from both the science and the photographic perspectives.  One of the items I’ll tease you with is pretty cool, but its been embargoed until February 2nd.  I hope to talk about this project and more as the year progresses…  Stay tuned.


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