Ribbon Synapse In A Pathoconnectome

An image of a ribbon synapse from a project we are working on, the world’s first pathoconnectome.  What is a pathoconnectome you ask?  It is the complete wiring diagram of a pathological neural system.  We had completed data acquisition of the world’s first connectome and are annotating it to completeness.  So the natural extension is wanting to know how things go wrong in the wiring of pathological neural systems… ergo, a pathoconnectome.  Its an exciting project and one that we hope to begin to reveal in meetings and publications coming in the next year.



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  1. This is in the retina, right? So interesting! I’m working on the cerebral cortex, and obviously, similar questions of interest (by a somewhat broad definition). It would be *so cool* to do the same thing in the cortex that you guys are doing in the retina.

    1. Yeah, its in the retina and *YES*… We want to do the same thing in cortex. Its a bigger project in some ways, smaller in others…, but is going to need a grant to get it done…

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