Metabolomic Eye Print Available On Snappola!

Earlier this year, I was asked to be a part of a very exciting curated project with some amazing talent and now I can spill the beans.  Snappola! releases a new, limited-edition photographic prints from both emerging and established artists every week and this week’s featured image is my Metabolomic Eye.  I am tremendously excited to now say that you can get your very own limited edition, signed and numbered copy with a certificate of authenticity on Snappola where I am a featured artist.  I’ve had multiple requests for large prints of the Metabolomic Eye, the image has been featured in the Moran Eye Center public displays and annual reports and also reproduced in *large* form for an art installation.  While those images can be prohibitively expensive to produce and for most folks are simply unaffordable, Snappola! makes it possible to provide a never before and never again opportunity to get an exclusive, yet affordable limited edition of this image.

While you are visiting Snappola!, be sure to check out prints from the first two resident artists, Charles Uibel and Trent Nelson.


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