Looking A Little Closer…

I’ve been trying to get colleagues and friends of mine in vision science to do a specific type of study for the last two or three years.  Unfortunately, nobody seems to have gotten on board despite huge gaps in our understanding of certain issues at the same time that the  Optical coherence Tomography (OCT) imaging methodology is seeing exploding use and implementation in clinical practice.  The technique has been around for a few years, originally being presented back in 1990 at a conference on imaging.  In the last few years though, its application has absolutely become commonplace in clinical ophthalmology.

Without going into detail or divulging too much information about what we are up to here yet, I have some very specific questions that needed answering.  So, I picked up a very nice instrument from the folks at Heidelberg Engineering to answer these questions.  The images below of my personal retina are some of the very first to come off of this particular instrument and will be the first of many to come over the next little while.


A vertical image of my retina with fovea superimposed on a fundoscopic view of the back of my eye.


A mosaiced image of the vasculature at the back of my eye.


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    1. Yeah, looking forward to learning more about the physics and imaging possible here. We may end up pushing the boundaries of our understanding a bit more here.

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