The 4th of July Holiday Weekend Sans SLR

This weekend was spent just goofing around.  First such weekend in a while with *almost* no work (did go into the lab for a while).  But since the grant is in to NIH and the manuscript proofs for an upcoming paper are completed, this weekend called for a little fun.  H and I spent the weekend hiking, biking and watching movies (go see Buck) and the SLR cameras spent the entirety of the weekend locked away.

However, the iPhone is always with me and with all of the attention that Hipstamatic seemed to be getting, it was worth experimenting some as a camera replacement for the weekend at least.  While the style of many iPhone camera apps are heavily criticized among some  for their overwrought filters that tend to create more aesthetic representations of images, Hipstamatic and its software brethren on the iPhone are being used for mainstream photojournalism.  iPhone imagery is starting to appear more and more on Jonesblog with the previous post being an image straight out of the iPhone with no post processing.  While this post is heavy on the Hipstamatic, I’m not yet sure how I feel about it.  Imagery from Hipstamatic and its like may tend to appear more on my Flickr stream or on the new Google+ service.  The images are not unpleasant and while its not uncommon to perform some post-processing, this imagery tends to be heavy handed and the interface of Hipstamatic is a bit awkward.  That said, in the interest of not being one of those curmudgeonly photographers that considers themselves a purist, I’ll explore Hipstamatic for a while and see what comes out of it.



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