Utah Photojournalism Yearbook 2009-2011

Just received today, the Utah Photojournalism Yearbook from 2009-2011 in a beautifully finished and bound coffee table book.  This yearbook is a compilation of the “best of” from the Utah Photojournalism community since it went live.  The yearbook staff that put this together included Warren Hutchison, Trent Nelson, Jason Olson, Mike Terry and Grayson West.


There is something magical about the photography community here in Utah and it extends to the photojournalism crowd.  This community *is* something rare, and I have been pleased and most grateful to have been a part of it.  This book documents some of the imagery that has appeared on the Utah Photojournalism website and includes some fantastic imagery from long time folks to the absolute newcomers.  The forward by Patrick Smith pretty much says it all and I would wager sums up the general feelings of everyone in the community here.  One could never have envisioned this community that has spontaneously come together to make an emergent whole that provides education, feedback, a medium to promote the work of the individual and the collective.


Photojournalists who’s work appears in this volume are Jeffery AllredBrent AsayJud BurkettMaegan BurrTrevor ChristensenErik DaenitzChris DetrickRick EganDjamila GrossmanErin HooleyMark Johnston, myself, T.J. KirkpatrickEli LuceroLennie Mahler, Paul Macally, Jeff McGrath, Sarah Miller, Trent Nelson, Patrick Smith, Scott Sommerdorf, Mike Terry, Jim Urquhhart and Grayson West.  I am looking forward to getting everyone’s signatures in the back of the book.

You can get your copy here.

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