Right Now: Biking In The Foothills

Reason # 14 of why I like living in Salt Lake City:  Mountain Biking.  We can ride out of our driveway and be up in the foothills or canyons of Salt Lake City in less than 15 minutes.  Today’s travel was a ride up to reason #4 for living in Utah, our lab at the Moran Eye Center to get a little work done, followed by a ride through the foothills, then a trip downtown to reason #24 for living in Salt Lake City, Aquarius Fish Market who often has fresher fish than the West Coast to get the main ingredient for tonights meal.


2 Replies to “Right Now: Biking In The Foothills”

  1. there is something quite classically pastoral about the photo of the valley…. the communion of the clouds to the landscape. quite the image when you spend some time with it!

    and yes, lots of amazing reasons to be here!

    1. It is a beautiful place. We’ll see what challenges the proposed growth on the Wasatch Front brings over the next decade or so. My hope is that we can preserve the feel of this place through that expansion.

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