Flooding In The Mid-West From The Air

As I flew over the Mid-West on my way to Florida this week for ARVO, I could not help but notice all the flooding in and around rivers.  We flew over portions of Arkansas, SouthWest of Jonesboro and over parts of the Mississippi River delta.  News reports and weather agencies are reporting that these floods are epic… on the scale of 500 year floods that are taking out homes, farmland and businesses.



All I could think about as we flew over was how many lives were being affected by these floods.  We’ll have *some* flooding in Salt Lake City and the Intermountain West because of larger than normal snowpacks, but nothing on this scale.

It brings home all the climate changes that are in play because of global warming, and makes one wonder how it will continue to play out in the not so distant future.  Of course there are a group of people that are concerned that this is one more sign of The Rapture that some people expect to come on May 21st, but I suspect we’ll still be bailing water and making repairs to our homes, businesses, churches, museums, libraries and more on the morning of May 22nd.

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