Ogden Half Marathon… and Horses.

Drove up to Ogden, Utah yesterday morning so She who cannot be mentioned online could run the Ogden Half Marathon.


It was an early morning drive, but it turned out to be a glorious day.  I really regretted not bringing a faster lens however, as some of the shots were simply difficult to get.  However, dealing with the gear you have results in more fun some times like the shot at the top where I played with dragging the shutter (nice discussion on Wikipedia under time lapse photography here).


I’ve never really understood running much.  I try and run 2-3 times/week to stay fit, but limit out at ~5 miles. I never get the runners high, don’t feel the endorphin rush and just don’t get it.  Once in an effort to try and get the “runners high”, I ran a half marathon followed by an endurance bike ride… Hit the wall and never felt anything but awful.  Perhaps I just don’t have that same opiate receptor pharmacology that some others have as opiates and their derivatives just make me feel nauseated.


Another benefit of the Ogden Half Marathon is that I get to watch the horses up in Eden, Utah.  The horses *love* to watch the people run by which gets them very excited indeed.  There were some great opportunities to get good shots of the horses like last year, but my failure to bring a fast/sharp enough lens really limited the number of shots that were usable in the low light.


This is a lesson to me next year… Bring faster lenses.

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