Buzzzzbuzzz Buzzz

There was a guy who swallowed a fly.
I dunno why he swallowed that fly,
Perhaps he’ll die.


The above was modified from the well known children’s poem/song There Once Was An Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly.  The whole little ditty is here on the NIH website, so check it out for a shot of nostalgia.

These images are the inspiration of this entry and are made from a fly that managed to find itself  in a beer from Wasatch Brewery after I set it down for a few minutes to work on dinner.  The fly managed to drop itself down into the beer and drown just after I opened the bottle and while my back was turned.  Yes… on tipping the bottle back, there as a rude shock as the fly… just… about… made it down the back of the throat.  I remember thinking that I’d never had a bit of hops make it through the bottling process with Wasatch before as I extracted what I presumed to be the offending hop cone but to my instant horror upon looking, realized it was a fly.  Darn shame to have to waste that beer, but down the drain it went while I ran for the Listerine which really made no sense in retrospect, but it seemed the right thing to do at the time.

The rule of the small life category is generally that the insects get to survive if they get their picture taken, but this was a post mortem as I bundled him into a sample jar and took him on a Saturday to the lab for photography and to focus stack with a Canon 1D Mk III and an Olympus microscope.

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  1. i have had worse. buddy left some grape schnapps out. discovery was just as bad.

    this set is incredible. love the head on first shot. WOW!

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