The Road To… 2011

It is totally baffling to me how we can already be at this point, another year.  2010 did not bring with it all of the things and events I had hoped for and yet, like every year there were some unanticipated items that the year brought that I am incredibly grateful for.  Its all relative however and as an acquaintance who lives in Iran said earlier this year, I can be “grateful that we had indoor plumbing” in 2010.  In addition to that, I’d like to also be grateful for a roof over our heads, food in our stomachs and a stable government.  It could all be very different and for many millions of people around the planet, it is.

We (human beings) live in pretty narrow slices, literally and figuratively.  I’m trying to make the most of it and be grateful for it all including most importantly, the people in my life.  To all of you in the camera frame and out, I am grateful for your love and friendship and look forward to more time with you at work and at play.

With all my friendship and love,


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  1. Lovely post, Bryan. I’ve been working on a gratitude post myself today. I guess New Year’s Day is a natural time to take inventory. I’m grateful for your photos and words, but most of all for your friendship. Here’s to 2011, Doc.

  2. Thank you my peeps. You mean an awful lot to me and we are all absolutely blessed to have each of you around making this world a better place.

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